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I can't get the tabs/chart/etc. to work for me—what's wrong?
KiloWhat has been tested on a variety of browsers, but not all of them. If you send a detailed description of the problem (including operating system and browser) to, we will take a look at it. In the meantime, you may consider updating your browser. KiloWhat has been thoroughly tested on Google Chrome.

How is KiloWhat different from other electricity comparison shopping websites?
Most other sites display electricity rates for only one or a small number of usage levels. Knowing this, many electricity providers will design there plans to look good at those levels, and This incentivizes the power companies to engineer their pricing plans so that they look good at those specific levels even if those rates are not representative of what a consumer with a normal usage pattern would actually pay. Smart Power Texas was created to solve this problem and several others as well.

Why don't see I see plans from <my favorite energy company>
The goal of kiloWhat is to provide consumers with the best possible comparison shopping experience, and that includes presenting a wide selection of plans. We are actively working on agreements with the electricity providers to expand our offering.

Will I find the same plans on kiloWhat as I will on other sites?
No. The Retail Electricity Providers choose which plans to offer on kiloWhat based on a number of factors, and they will not necessarily offer the same set of plans on every site.

Do you offer commercial electricity plans?
Yes. Email us at, and we will work on a quote.

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